Fidelity Private Wealth Management

Fidelity Investments tasked Isobar with establishing the branding and visual design for their new wealth management service.

I was tasked with:

  • conducting a competitive analysis & synthesizing my findings into a deck
  • running a brand workshop with the client at their headquarters in Boston
  • distilling everything into an Experience Brief with my UX counterpart
  • create moodboards and conceptual designs of the web experience

Screenshots from my decks are below, and I can provide the original PDFs on request:


Apple Watch Explorations

During my time in the Marcom team at Apple, I did some preliminary design explorations for Apple Watch. At the time the photography was deliberately extra dark in order to make the watches stand out more.

I felt (and still feel) it would be better to go the other direction and amp up the color and brightness.


Air National Guard Recruiting Site

My concept for the Air National Guard (ANG) recruiting site was to showcase the people behind all the cutting edge technology and aircraft. 

You navigate the site through the layers of strata in the atmosphere, with each level having roles you can click on to learn more. The lowest layer is Search & Rescue, the next is Intelligence, and the highest is Air Defense.

As you scroll up and down the page, the objects and clouds would move with a parallax effect making you feel immersed in the environment.


RadiumOne Brand Refresh & Product Branding

My first project as creative director at RadiumOne was executing a brand refresh for the company. I decided to maintain blue as the primary color, but amped up the brightness and saturation from the existing, more subdued blue we were using. I had to stress-test my designs across web, print, and video.

Additionally, I worked with my lead designer on all product branding.

On the managerial side, I was responsible for an internal lead designer as well as a design agency in Chicago (Vis-a-Vis Creative in Chicago)  that produced all presentation and event materials based on my direction and feedback. We coordinated on Basecamp and conference calls.


Below are slides from my product identity refresh deck:


Cigna Mood Boards & Website

When Cigna moved from B2B to B2C, they turned to Isobar for ux and visual design for their consumer-facing site. 

The goal for the site was to feel approachable and to remove the complexity from a (traditionally) cumbersome process. 

I created all mood boards and page designs for the site, showing Cigna how we could make the onboarding process more fun and engaging.