This week is the Divisadero Art Walk in San Francisco. Since the studio I'm a member of—Big Umbrella Studios (BUS)—is on Divisadero Street, we're participating in the Walk. In addition to BUS, there will be all sorts of other businesses representing the street.

The theme we at BUS are working with is: La Joie de Vivre - The Spirit of New Orleans.

I'm also selling prints here, and I'd like to find an organization in New Orleans I could donate some of the money from the sales to.  

I dug into my archive of scans and put together 2 designs I screen printed this weekend:


prepping the second, orange layer

The purple 'bear' print

Both prints, unframed and framed

I'm loosely interpreting the theme we had to work with. The arm in the orange print is symbolic of the strength of the people of New Orleans. The strength to persevere and rebuild. The bear in the purple print represents the state mammal of Louisiana. Depending on what civilization you look at, the bear has various meanings, from bravery to peace to nurturing & protecting.