Community vs Competition

As I continue the rediscovery of screen printing I started in 2012 I've also been diligently taking notes on all the artists, designers and studios and shops I come across that resonate with me. 

In subsequent posts I'll be featuring these creators and I'll explain why I thing they're so good. I'll be calling these BANGIN' posts. Why? The 4 strokes of an engine are: Suck, Squeeze, Bang and Blow. The third stroke, BANG, represents the creative stroke where the combustion happens so because they're creating, they're bangin' (if you're confused, read my Secret Origins page).  Just go with it. 

I'm not sure how many other industries are keen to promote their competition on their own website, but I don't see it as competition. I see it as other members of the art community. This isn't smartphones where you have a choice between a few competitors. The strength of a community of artists lies in the diversity within it (the smartphone world would also benefit from more diversity). 

The art community is also where I get ideas (among many other places). How do they present their work? How much do they sell it for? How to they photograph their shirts? I'm not maliciously copying everyone I like, but I'm definitely taking cues I think make sense. Ideas I can copy, combine and remix

There are solitary aspects of making art, but before you lock yourself in your laboratory-cave you need to socialize a bit.  

Let's meet some other creators.