ibeacon Demo App - RadiumOne

The Geofencing App for iOS demonstrates the power of RadiumOne's Connect SDK. Combined with the Apple's iBeacon technology businesses can send contextual messaging as well as aggregate data on consumers based on their location. It is both a proof-of-concept as well as a tool our sales team can use to demonstrate the power of our platform.

My first job was wireframe out the user experience for the "customer" and "beacon" modes of the app as well as create the visual design for the user interface. I worked side-by-side with the developers on my mobile team who helped me understand the capabilities and limitations of the iBeacon technology and our mobile SDK. 

Through a gamified interface, the user plays through a series of 4 levels, each one building on the previous. Level 1 demonstrates the distance-tracking possible with the iBeacon technology. Level 2 shows the power of push notifications based on a user's location. Level 3 demonstrates user segmentation—detecting which of 2 iBeacons they're closest to. Level 4 shows the user a targeted ad based on their segmentation determined in Level 3.

Responsibilities: Creative Strategy, UX Design, Visual Design


I was tasked with creating a more consistent and well thought out global brand system across all print collateral, mobile applications and online properties. As RadiumOne's first creative director my job not only involved refreshing the identity, but establishing styles and conventions that hadn't existed before.

After the workmarks and logomarks were addressed, I was responsible for overseeing the redesign of: company website, promotional videos, email newsletters, letterhead, business cards, trade show graphics, print ads, banner ads, Powerpoint decks, one sheets.

Responsibilities: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design

Geofencing App - RadiumOne

The Geofencing App was an internal, proof-of-concept app we built to showcase how RadiumOne could expand its data aggregation and intelligence. Each of the table rows shows the closest geofence to you with a compass pointing in the direct of the geofence. The table rows fill up with a white bar the closer you get to a geofence and shrinks the farther away you are. Visual cues can be great, subtle indicators without requiring the user to read on the data presented.

Responsibilities: Visual Design, UX Design

Bloomberg Sports - MLB

When Bloomberg entered the world of fantasy sports they partnered with Roundarch (now Isobar) for design and technology expertise. My team and I became an embedded extension of Bloomberg Sports team at their headquarters on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. For almost 2 years we worked with Bloomberg to not only launch but refine and evolve their product offerings.

As the visual design lead I managed a team of 3 designers and worked side-by-side with the lead UX designer and development team across desktop and mobile applications for Bloomberg. 

Responsibilities: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Visual Design

Bloomberg Sports - NFL

After completing work on the fantasy apps for baseball Bloomberg Sports entered the world of fantasy football. As with our work with their MLB applications, my team was an embedded, on-site extension of their own team. We helped them design and deploy the Decision Maker desktop and mobile applications.

Responsibilities: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Visual Design

Website Design - Air National Guard (pitch)

The idea behind the redesign of GoANG.com was to feature the people behind the technology and aircraft of the Air National Guard.

In the design I pitched, the user would navigate through different levels of strata in the atmosphere to learn more about the real and practical jobs available in the Air National Guard.

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Visual Design