Michael Mulvey is a multi-disciplinary designer available for hire in San Francisco.

You should hire him if you need a seasoned problem solver to lead a team of designers who's not afraid to get his hands dirty. He works across disciplines on websites, mobile applications and branding projects.

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Teaching Experience

Instructor - Interactive Design

This was the first class I taught solo. Once I learned how to patrol the rows to make sure students weren't surfing the web, I taught them about sketching, wire framing and designing their own websites.

Instructor - Interactive Design

I inherited this class from another professor and a big part of my job was rewriting and updating the curriculum to be more relevant to the emerging mobile-first world. Projects included audits of popular websites to identify user experience features and layout decisions that worked, and those that didn't work. For the final project I had students concept and design a mobile app solved a personal problem in their lives as college students—it could be a way to connect with friends on campus, help with their studies, anything, really—so long as addressed something effecting them on a daily basis. 

Instructor - Motion Design

As Instructor of Motion Design, I was involved with both the technical and creative sides of the course. I helped lead all critiques and emphasized the importance of ideating and sketching before getting on the computer.

Once on the computer, I taught the students everything from naming conventions for files to workflow optimization in Photoshop and Flash. I was also responsible for creating and maintaining the course website where I posted relevant links and inspiration and project summaries.